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Sunday, July 25, 2010

NEW Pink ATG Gun

Yeah me. I called and called and called and bugged the heck out of the Michael's store staff and finally located one. It's really nice. The thing about me is that I am super frugal. I REFUSE to purchase something at full price when there is a perfectly good coupon that can be used for it. So, with that said, I purchased the Pink ATG gun for (drumroll please) $17.50. Yes, it is the full size. Yes, I used a 50% off coupon from A.C. Moore with the coupon match program. And the good news is that it comes with the roll for the gun and a refill. Now the hard part was loading this Big Momma for the first time. I've already used it and it's a beaut! Now the catcher is that the stores do not understand how high the demand is for these guns so they ordered only 2. Most of the stores I called were sold out within hours. I got the last one at one store and my friend at another. So, happy hunting. Here is a picture to you know what I am talking about.

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