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Friday, December 3, 2010

Slight Vent...Prizes and a Critter Swap

Happy FRIDAY people!  Yep...I'm loud. This week has been absolutely trying for me.  A little personal vent.  I have to dramatically change my diet and become vegetarian/vegan (sort of).  I can still have fish but no other animal products.  Ya'll...I'm a Southern girl and a soul food cooker.  For real...As my cousin said, I think you just cussed me!  LOL.  Anyhoo...the problem is that I have not had an appetite any way so I haven't really been eating much at all.  I've already lost weight which I guess is the good side of things.  :-)  On top of finding out this news, I was told that my cousin who was 37 years old and I used to play with when I went to Forsyth, Georgia died Wednesday morning.  Man...she was only 2 years older than me.  I still can't believe it.  I was told, she had a stroke, went to the hospital, received treatment, and was released. She woke up Wednesday passed out and died.  I do know that God was watching over her and loves her more than any of us ever could.  He wanted her home.  End of story.  I just pray that His peace will come in like a peaceful wind and refresh the family.  It's so hard though.  She had small kids.  Please take care of your bodies.  This is the only one you get.  When you have a problem, pray FIRST, then go see a physician to see what you need to pray about specifically while you follow doctor's orders.  Also, changing our diets can help tremendously.  I just want you guys around a little while longer so we can see your beautiful work.

Ok...I'm done.

Wow.  I can't believe it.  I had to share with you the wonderful prizes that I have received recently and the Critter Swap images from my last swap.    The funniest thing happened.  No really!  Deb Sweeny of Tidbits Place won the prize on my blog from the Veteran's Day blog hop.  Hope about she contacted me in utter shock.  I won her prize.  How funny.  Her prize to me was the Laurel Leaf Punch Around the Page by Martha Stewart.  I love it!  Thanks so much Deb.

Then, I won the card challenge over on Card Creations and More by C which is hosted by the lovely Christina Brooks.  My prize there was a matching card set and a mini notebook created by the one and only.  Now...if you know Christina's creations, you can only imagine the type of excitement I had when she told me that was my prize.  Her blog does not do the actual product justice.  These are great cards.  Thanks so much Christina.

Last by not least, here are the critters for the critter swap.  These little boogers are TOO stinkin' cute.  I saw them on Candace's Facebook page but again, they are so much cuter in person.  Her blog is Paper Crafts by Candace.  I truly can't wait to use them.  I need to start working on several scrapbook that will be Christmas gifts.  My kiddos will definitely see this in their books. Great everyone who participated.  My critter is the penguin lady.  Isn't she SO ready for shopping?

Happy scrappin'!



Summer said...

So sorry to hear about your cousin, your in my thoughts! And your cards are very cute!

Glenda said...

Prayers for you and your cousin's family.
Congrats on your winnings--great prizes! I love the little penguin lady- so adorable!
Wishing you a blessed day!

Amanda Villarreal said...

Sometimes it's ok to vent :) prayers are with you and your family! How cute is that card set from Christina!? Also, I love that Panda in the critters, where is that from??

Jamie said...

so very sorry for your loss.. but really love the outlook you have on the whole situation. usually even people that are religious although they knew the person is in a better place and it happened for a reason, handle it much harder.. again very sorry :( Hope things start to look up for you and your family.. i'll keep you and your fam in my thoughts and prayers!

abusybee - DoubleClick Connections said...

Sorry for you sad news.

Great prizes, enjoy them!

DORCAS said...

So sorry for your lost! And thanks for the advice. I do need to take care of my body more. I haven't been. Thanks

Happy you got lots of goodies.

Will be praying for you and your family


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