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Monday, January 10, 2011

Tuesday TIPS BU4U

Happy Tuesday! Welcome again to Tuesday TIPS BU4U(by you for you).  Today is when I post a question to you and want you to share your solutions and tips with me and other scrappers. This may be a question that I have had for awhile or it may be something that I have a solution to but want to dialogue about with others. Comments will be open until Monday night just before the next question is posted.
Today's question:
What is your best tip for shooting clear pictures of your work?


bcriminger said...

Find a neutral 'backdrop' that doesn't have colors in your card. I also sometimes tweek the brightness with photoscape if I am really struggling with the lighting.

Christine - Cndn Stamper said...

I always use a tripod!

I have a "gorilla" tripod. It's a tiny one that wraps itself around the back of my kitchen chair. When I set up my card on the kitchen table, the camera is completely steady. The tripod is so small it fits in my junk drawer and is easy to pull out and put away for next time.

AmyJRockstar said...

Thank you for posting these! I have been needing some solutions for a while! I have been trying and trying to get good, clear pics. Sorry I have no tips, but I appreciate yours!
Xo ~ Amy Jo

Jennifer said...

I often lay whatever it is I'm photographing on the floor so I don't get the dreaded angle shot. I also try and shoot in full light and turn off my flash.

Paper Addict said...

great ideas, TFS!!!

Stephenie said...

I have a table light I use facing my card at a 90 degree angle and put my camera right below the light to prevent shadows. Another tip shared by a participant in a class on Jessica Sprague's forum was to scan the card on the printer

McBDesigns said...

A tip I read once and works pretty well for me most of the time -- Stand a bit away from the card with the camera facing straight at it on the same level (not pointing down at it). Use the zoom to fill your frame with the card and use a flash. This gives me the proper amount of light from the flash without a harsh glare that I sometimes get when taking the picture close up. And, having the camera on the same level as the picture takes care of most shadows. I LOVE the idea of scanning the cards into the computer. I have a flat bed copier/scanner. I'll have to try that... and then it won't take so long for me to download them off my camera then upload to my blog :)

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