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Friday, September 7, 2012

September FALL Cut Swap

Yes, you read right. We have ANOTHER swap this month. Just for the fun of it, I'm hosting a simple FALL theme cut swap. Please read through ALL the details and follow the directions to sign up. Happy Swappin' Y'all!

This swap will be open to the first 20 participants.  Please ONLY sign up if you know you can make the deadline.  If the items are not received by the deadline, they will be returned to you and I will proceed with the items that have been received.  I will post on my blog  and the swap Facebook group when and what items are received.  Pictures will be available on my Facebook page. Sign up will go from now until September 10 or until 20 participants have signed up. 

I don't have many requirements but I do request that if you participate in the swap, please follow the guidelines exactly.  This should be some of your best work so please relax and enjoy yourself but put your best foot forward.  If at all possible, please put all your items in a large plastic bag to prevent water damage. On a small piece of paper (one for each swap participant), include information about who you are (i.e. your name, and your blog address or email).  You never know who might want to follow your blog or see more of your work so please share.  You will need to include a self-addressed stamped envelope with your swap items for me to return to you.  Include a little extra postage (stamps or money) in case the return package weighs more.  If this postage is not needed, it will be returned to you. THIS STEP IS VERY IMPORTANT.

September 2012 – Fall cut swap – You will make 20 of the exact same fully decorated “Fall” cuts using any type of cutter and they will be swapped with other crafters.  Some ideas are pumpkins, leaves, or corn.  Details will be mailed to you in a confirmation email.  To sign-up, please send an email to askscrappinsista (at) hotmail (dot) com.  Remove the parenthesis and spaces.  Put "September Swap" in the subject line.  This swap will be due, September 28th.  No exceptions.  Sorry to be a meanie but I don’t want to have people waiting so long to receive your wonderful creations.


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