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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Veteran's Day Blog Hop

WELCOME to the Land of the Free Because of the Brave Blog Hop!  I'm delighted that I was able to join Karel again for a blog hop.  Today, we will be paying tribute to our men and women who served and continue to serve bravely to protect this country and our freedom.  This is a long post so please read all the way to the end to see what's in store for you.  If you need directions, I have the list of blog hop participants at the bottom of this post.  You should have marched your way here from If It's Groovy.  I bet her project was WAY groovy!  Ya dig?  After seeing my completed post, you'll make your way over to Queen B's Musings. If you're lost, march right on over to Karel's blog to start at the beginning.
Both my father and father-in-love were Army strong.  My mom recalled two stories that my Daddy shared with her about his experiences in the military. Knowing my daddy, these were probably hilariously true and he enjoyed every minute of it. Here are his stories as told by my mother.

My Dear Daddy - Walter L. Young, Sr.

1st Story: He was a part of the Transportation Corps. for the Army and was also trained as a chef. It seems the chefs tried to outdo each other from time to time. One day your father, told another chef who was his chief competitor that he could "Fry" ice cream. Of course, all the other chefs betted against your father since the idea of putting ice cream in hot grease seemed ludicrous.

Your father got all of his utensils, the pot, the hot grease, and the ice cream ready. He readied the ice cream by coating with some ingredient that I have forgotten (I think it was coconut and maybe a light egg batter or coconuts and nuts-I just don't remember). He shaped the ice cream into balls with an ice cream scoop, dipped the balls into the batter, put these into a strainer which he then placed in the hot grease. Quickly, he pulled the strainer full of ice cream balls back up out of the grease. TA DA! Fried ice cream balls.

2nd Story: This was another cooking experience that your father had while in the Army. He noticed that one of the chefs made the best potato salad that he had ever tasted. Though the other cooks, your Father included, made potato salad that was satisfactory, this particular chef's potato salad was the absolute best. The chef had a secret recipe and he always prepared the salad when the others weren't nearby. They had asked him for his recipe and he had refused to share it with anyone. One day when that chef thought all the other guys were busy with the dishes assigned to them, your father had managed to hide in the area where the chef would make his potato salad. Quietly, he watched him and noticed all the ingredients that he was adding. The next time that your father made the potato salad, the other chef let your father have it! He had a few choice words for him because he knew from the taste of the salad that somehow, your Dad had discovered his secret recipe. And that explains why your Potato Salad is soooo goood! You learned the secret recipe from your Daddy, the "Spying Chef".  And it's gooooooood ya'll.

3rd Recently Added Story: Your Father was involved in the Battle of Pusan. He was a member of the Army's 24th. Infantry division. According to Wikepedia, this group was the first USA unit sent to Korea with the mission to take the initial "shock" of North Korean advances into South Korea. The Wikepedia article goes on to say that the 24th. was understrength and most of its equipment was antiquated due to reductions in military spending. From the story that your Dad told me, they fought bravely in spite of being outnumbered and outgunned. The thing that I remember about his story that I want to share here is that he said despite their crying and blowing snot (have to say this because this is how I could best understand and picture that time in the battle), they kept encouraging each other by saying we must dig in and fight to live or we die here. He said the North Koreans were coming at them over the hills in droves pushing their backs into the sea, but they fought hard and began to push them back. They stood their ground. There was great lost of life for the US forces, but eventually reinforcements arrived and the North Koreans retreated. To read about this battle, google Battle of Pusan. The article gives a very good overview of what a long battle(It lasted for some months.) like this involves. It shows why we should be grateful for the committment and sacrifice of the members of our military who with their own blood, sweat and tears truly exhibit why "Freedom is not Free".

Now...I also chose to feature my in-loves on my blog today as my father is no longer with us.  Though I was not around when either my Daddy or FIL were in the military, I am very thankful for what they did in their service to our country.  I also would like to bring special attention to the families of soldiers.  They are sometimes overlooked and need our support too as you will see in my interview.
Stephanie Bonner, MIL and mother of 4 children was connected to the military because of her marriage to my FIL.  The main thing that impacted her life was that she was able to see the world.  During the tour of duty, they lived in Kentucky, Virginia, Germany, Alaska, and Alabama.  The hardest part was the long separations.  My faith in God, friends and family were the three things that helped me make it through and stay strong.  To the the question, "Do you think Veterans and Service personnel get the respect they deserve," I answer a resounding, "NO"! Support of Veterans and Military can be improved by hosting Community Spouse/family appreciation events. Artists and crafters can support the Military by sending care packages to families. (I must insert this blurb here.  In speaking with another veteran today, the importance of sending care packages and just mail in general was communicated.  She stated that there are some soldiers who don't receive ANY mail at all while deployed.) Lastly, soldiers and their families deserve respect and continued support!!!!

Nathaniel Bonner, my FIL, served in the Army with the rank of SFC/E-7. I decided to join the Army because I could travel and it was a guaranteed job.  The best thing about being in the military was the unity. The early rises and late evenings were the hardest thing. Overall, Veterans and Active service Personnel get the respect they deserve especially since the pay and benefits are a lot better. Crafters and artists can support the military by sending your gifts regularly. It was an honor and privilege to serve my country!!!!!!!!! Last but not least, Hats off to "Military Hospitals"; three of our four children were birth in them thanks to the efforts doctors and nurses that make up these priceless organizations. Thanks again, and again, and again!!!!!!!!!!!!

SUPPORT OUR TROOPS: How can you help support our Troops? May I suggest supporting Operation Write Home? This group, which has members all over the world, sends hand-crafted cards to bases all over the world, for soldiers to send back to thier families and friends. Click HERE to go directly to them--please check them out. Next time you get a bunch of cards from a swap...or make too many Birthday cards...or just want to help, consider sending some in. (They also accept monetary donations, to help pay for postage).

This a squash book (mini-album).  I have provided a recipe for your enjoyment but the tutorial can be found at Splitcoaststampers.  I left the album blank inside because I wanted whoever received the album to have the liberty to add to it whatever he or she chooses. The final album is 4"x4" when folder and stretching out to approximately 21" long so, there's plenty of space for pictures and journaling.  I am thinking of making these for active duty personnel to keep pictures of loved ones near during times when a 12"x"12 album is too much to handle.

 Two 4"x4" pieces of chipboard
Four 4"x4" pieces of coordinating patterned paper
Three 7.5" x 7.5" pieces of cardstock
Coordinating cardstock and paper for embellishing
Mod Podge

Click HERE for the recipe.

BLOG  CANDY ALERT: "Our amazing Blog Candy (2—count ‘em! TWO Chances to win!!) is brought to you through the generosity of Marlo, who created the marvelous Scrap’NTote and Anne, from Paper Patch Crafts.
The rules for entering are the same for both prizes: Hop along our path and leave a comment AND a way to contact you on each and every stop. Please leave contact information in a safe manner ( ie, written out, rather than a direct link). On Friday, November 12, KarelJ will use to first select a blog number (1-20) and then a comment number from that blog for each prize. She will post the winner’s name on her blog and notify the bloggers, so they can also post the winner. KarelJ will contact the winner, using the information left in the comment. If there is no information available, she will choose another winner from the same blog. It is up to the winner to contact KarelJ at ksjennings(at)gmail(dot)com. If she has not been contacted by Monday, November 15, another winner will be chosen.

Now, on to the good stuff! Our first prize is a wonderful Pink Scrap’Ntote to store your Cricut Cartridges in! It comes to us from Marlo, at ContainYaCrafts. You can see the wonderful way this binder system keeps all your carts together, and ready to go in a flash on this link: Need more than one? Put it on the Christmas Wish List and have the DH order NOW, as they are simply flying out of stock! We got one of the final donations for the year and are so grateful to Marlo!

Our second terrific prize is a set of Spellbinders Nesties in the Crown Circle Shape. It comes to us via the generosity of Anne, whose family has an incredibly strong military heritage. You can read more about Anne and her husband on Linda and Gina’s Blogs. You can also check out paper Patch Crafts here, to see what other incredible things Anne has to sell.

Now...for my prize, I am giving away five single files of your choice (cutting or digi) from the selection at not to exceed $10 total.  Melin is a phenomenal designer and she has donated the prize from her website.  Please stop by her blog and so her some love.  Leave a comment at the end of this post AND add your link to the Mr. Linky IF YOU STOPPED BY ALREADY, I WILL TRY TO ADD YOU OR YOU CAN YOURSELF.  I'm going to use Mr. Linky to compile the names for the drawing.  You are not required to become a follower friend but I would enjoy the company .  I don't want anyone to ever follow hang out with me just because they want blog candy.  I'd love to have you over.  We can even chat and enjoy the scenery. So, please follow if you'd like to do so.  I promise I'll stop by and show you some love. I will select a winner on tomorrow Nov. 12th and you will have one week to claim your prize.  Please be sure to check back tomorrow evening to see if you won.

I am, by the way, over due for a blog candy giveaway so...after my next hop this weekend, blog candy will probably be the next thing on my agenda. Be sure to check back frequently.  Let's see how this goes.

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Michelle said...

What a great post!!! I just love your idea for a compact was for the troops to carry pictures of loved ones with them. Great Idea!!!

Thanks again


I'm already a follower/ I'm Michelle from Peanut Butter and Jelly Designs.

Karelj said...

I love your post--and your project. What a great gift to our Troops! The story about your daddy spying to get the potato salad recipe made me laugh out loud! Thanks for being a part of the hop! KarelJ

Anonymous said...

Your post of fantastic... Love your story of your family... Your project is amazing...Thank you so much for the chance to win some fab candy... Huggggs.

Josie0602 said...

Thanks for doing the blog hop honoring our military!!

Jeannie said...

I'm so impressed! My Veteran, my DH, is currently retired from the Air Force, but he is and always will be my hero. He spent many months away from home serving our country. Thank you so much for recognizing these self-less individuals!

Jennifer said...

That is so cool, I have never seen this done before!! TFS!!

Summer said...

This book is so cute, I will be coming back to follow that recipie!TFS

Terri said...

I love your album that you made!!! GREAT job!!! I want to thank everyone that fight for our freedom in this country!!


Liza Henderson said...

I really like those expanding albums. Such an awesome project!


Laura Lee said...

love your squash book... I did the linky thing i hope i did it right..

johnnysgirl said...

wonderful post. Love what you guys are doing.

Queen Bee said...

Great stories! Love your squash book!

Marlene said...

Thank you for participating in this amazing blog hop, and for sharing your stories. I got a chuckle out of the ice cream balls and potato salad stories. :)

Your mini album is gorgeous!

Tonya said...

I really enjoyed reading your stories and I love the project. This is something that I will have to do for my dh so that he can hanve pictures with him all the time.


tleigenheer at yahoo dot com

Tammy said...

I love the stories and the squash book, I am going to have to make one of those!! Happy Veterans Day to all those who have served or are serving and to all of the families supporting our troops.

TR said...

All the pictures and stories on this blog hop
are just wonderful......
Thank you for acknowledging and honoring
our veterans. They are a brave troupe.


~*Jen*~ said...

Already a follower!! Loved your stories! Would love to try some of that potato salad!! Tee hee hee!! Thanks!!


scrapperbecka said...

Thank you for sharing those great stories. I love that mini album. What a great idea for soldiers who can't really carry a big album with them

Granny Anne said...

really like your mini album. I will be making some of them.

Cindylu2u said...

What a great post, my father cooked in WWII and to this day all of us kids will only cook his Spaghetti sauce recipe that he use to fix in the service!!MMMM
Thanks for the hop!!

Marionment said...

Cute book. Thanks for sharing.

Cherylann's "Outta-My-Mind " said...

Just found your blog. wow so many inspiring projects, I will certainly be coming back often
Cherylann (prinkles)

Brenda said...

What a wonderful mini album

Burffrau @ aol dot com

Tammy said...

I love the stories you shared about your father, now if you would just share that potato salad recipe!!! Cute squash book!!
tammy (at) iplanitmeetings (dot) com

pattyk said...

wonderful stories I haven't looked at the recipe yet sure hope its the potato salad.Big thank you to all our heroes

Stephanie said...

Love your album and your great family stories.
stuff at gr dot rr dot com

Lesley from WI said...

What a fantastic gift! Love all the stories!
lfuchs1 at wi. rr. com

Kathy Balman said...

Wow great stuff

Juicy Creations said...

great blog hop..

Crystal aka Caitlynsmommy said...

Oh my gosh I loved your post. Let me tell you as a Vet myself I would have LOVED to have one of your albums while in Iraq! I had a small badge sized one that had pictures but it soon was lost :( . Thank you for thinking of our Vets past, present and future!

CyndiU said...

Thanks for sharing. Awesome notebook. Will definately have to come back and get the instructions.

cureta2 at yahoo dot com

Esmommy said...

what a great project love your ideas.
NYGIRL1994 at yahoo dot com

scrappymama said...

love that mini album! thanks so much sharing in this hop!

Pink Cricut said...

Love the squash book Christel! THanks for being apart of such a touching hop!

Patricia Hurlburt said...

Love your stories!! I got the recipe for the mini album but the recipe I really wanted was for that secret potato salad..ha ha ha. Thanks for sharing.


Anonymous said...

great hop everyone!! love all the posts. i have no clue about a link things so couldnt do that haha


Penny said...

I love the book. It is an adorable project. Thank you for doing this and for the opportunity to win.

pennyspad at sbcglobal dot net

ScrappingDeb said...

OMG - first of all I love your stories, and secondly your project. Wouldn't those be wonderful for the loved ones of the men and women in the service. Fun hopping with you.

ScrappingDeb said...

Hmmm.... i might be posting twice, if so sorry! I love your stories, and your project is very cute - what a great idea.

Groovy Deborah said...

Christel loved reading each of your stories and now I want fried ice-cream lol!

Your squash book is really cute :)

I am thankful for the service which was given to this country!

Groovy Deb♥

SweetSassyDiva said...

wonderful post! I think I need to hide in your kitchen to get that potato salad recipe! I'm so honored to be part of this blog hop!

Gina Thornton said...

Cristel, thanks so much for sharing your father's stories and family member's as well.

Thanks for hopping along with us!

cdm317 said...

I love the pictures, your Dad was very handsome! The stories are wonderful that you shared, I was so impressed by his bravery. Great interview, too. The book is just fabulous! I have to try to make one, and I think I will follow your lead and offer it to Operation Write Home.

stefeni said...

Great mini album. I've always wanted to try one of those. And great stories.

spunkycrayon at yahoo dot com

Stacey said...

Amazing stories and an amazing album! You have a new follower in me! TFS.


Clara said...

great stories about your dad! now wasn't he smart to hide & figure out the recipe!! lol
Your squash book is really cute, too.


Thanks for doing this hop my husband is a VET.
Rebecca Minor

Becky said...

I thought I had already poked that be your friend follower button! Doh. I have now! Heck, I don't neeeeeed any blog candy but will happily accept the super secret potato salad recipe (wink, wink)

I have been hopping through tonight to see what everyone else posted! Love the stories about your Daddy. (Are you Southern too cause we all call 'em Daddy even though we are gown women!?)

Vicki said...

What a great project. Thanks for sharing.

vwilson577 at

PinkBlingCrafter said...

What a great project!!!! I will have to try this one Thanks for sharing!!!

doverdi said...

Great stories & project. Thanks for being part of the blog hop. God bless all of our veteran's and military personnel for their sacrifices for our countries.

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