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Monday, December 13, 2010

Please keep praying

Hey everyone.  So I finish the craft show.  There wasn't a large crowd though.  It was a great learning experience.  I made my booth fee and a few extra dollars.  My biggest seller was the acyclic post-it holder.  People have said that they are going to call me for orders. I will post pictures later.

On another note, right after the show was over was when it hit me.  First a sore throat.  I was however delighted that right after that I saw the beautiful message/prayer left on my blog by Monique Barr.  I was so touched.  Sometimes we don't know why we do things but when God tells us to do something, our obedience is definitely better than sacrifice.  I pray a special blessing on you Monique and to anyone else who has said a special prayer for me over these last few weeks that my family has been battling illness.

I need you guys to keep praying for me please.  My sore throat got worse, in fact it is still sore and painful to talk. Also, Saturday evening I was hit with severe legs cramps for about 6 hours.  On top of that, I was recently diagnosed with fibroid tumors and a cyst on my ovary so they are acting up too!  I'm completely out of it and have wedding,  40th birthday, and baby shower orders to complete.  I need a miracle.  Thanks in advance.


Celeste said...

You are definetly in my thoughts and prayers... Hope you get to feeling better soon

Monique Barr said...

I am so glad that God blessed you at the craft show. It may not have been alot but small in God's eyes is alot. I will keep you and your family in my and family prayer. The bible tells us that were two or three agree there he (God) is also. So from me to you, Lord touch Dwane and his family. I pray blessing over his home and over there money. And Lord the report that we are going to belive is your report. For all the people who told her that they will call, Lord let them call and more. Father the blood of Jesus Christ is over the door post of her home. So nothing can not cross that is not of you. In Jesus name. Amen

D'NiCole said...

I sincerely hope you are feeling 100% better soon.

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