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Friday, January 21, 2011

Organizational Boot Camp - Week #3 After Pics

Ok...So as I said, I am trying to get it together.  After I posted the before pictures, I went and tackled my ink storage.  For now, the baby wipes container that houses my pens and distress inks is working for me.  I don't particularly care for the packaging but it serves its purpose.  My Bic Mark-It markers are in a wonderful container that sits on my desk along with my chalks.  So, no real changes here.

I did, as you'll see in the pictures, make a few changes with the ink pad storage area.  My biggest and most helpful change came when I labeled the bottom of my ink pads.  I store them upside down to help them last longer.  So, I took one of my punches and punched a shape.  Then I inked it in the matching color and adhered it to the bottom side so I don't have to turn all the pads over looking for a particular color.  I also rearranged where things were so that my paints, inks, and stamps are in close proximity to my scrap table.  Please share any suggestions.  I'd appreciate the help.


Cassie_lu said...

great idea about the punched colors on the bottom of the ink pads. My only suggestions is maybe use some wall space for shelves for everything. Looks like you got something that is working for you though :)

Melanie Holzwarth said...

Hey Christel,

Keep your chin up, Girl, we'll get there! As for ink pad storage, I found this PDF tutorial from Stacy King at Stampalooza , it uses foam core board which can be picked up really reasonably a WalMart. I think it also comes in colors so maybe black would be an option? And, you can set it on top of the shelf you have your ink pads on already. There's room up on top to hold re-inkers (possibly even Stickles and Mists too). Also, while your at WalMart check out their stationary and school supply isle. I was able to find plastic pencil cases for about $1 there. They are stackable and work well for holding pencils, markers, etc (maybe a good stand in for those diaper wipes containers) OR why not cover those diaper containers with some paper that you love to jazz them up a bit? Also, you mentioned your open space, can you maybe close things up a bit using baskets? Just put a batch of like items in a basket and set it up on a shelf, much less visable that way. HTH!

Scrappin' Sista said...

Thanks for the ideas. I'm going to check out the tutorial this afternoon.

Melanie Holzwarth said...

Make sure to post some pics for us if you try it out, can't wait to see what you do!

abusybee - DoubleClick Connections said...

looking good!!

Cheryl said...

I like your idea with the colors on the bottom of the ink pads. good suggestions from the others on utilizing the space. Keep going...looking good!

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