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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tuesday Tips Bu4u

Happy Tuesday! Welcome again to Tuesday TIPS BU4U(by you for you). Today is when I post a question to you and want you to share your solutions and tips with me and other scrappers. This may be a question that I have had for awhile or it may be something that I have a solution to but want to dialogue about with others. Comments will be open until Monday night just before the next question is posted.

Today's question:I have been working on a solution to this problem to no avail.  I have a signature but it's not the absolute best.  It takes too long to get to the final picture and some of the quality is lost.

How do you add your watermark to your pictures?


JustYolie said...

I keep forgetting to add my watermark on my pics. But when I do, I use Inkscape, it won't change the quality of the pic.

VinDeeLoo said...

I will be using Paint Shop Pro.

bcriminger said...

I use photoscape's free download. I found a tutorial... maybe at Raindrop Echo Designs, whre I got my watermark and sigi, that auto adds the sigi each time I post.

Angi @ CokiePop said...

I got a watermark from Karen on her website -

Cost me $2 bucks. Still trying to figure out how to make it darker on my photos.

bcriminger said...

Photoscape does have a feature to adjust how transparent you wnat it to be.

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