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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tuesday Tips 4UBU

Happy Tuesday! Welcome again to Tuesday TIPS BU4U(by you for you). Today is when I post a question to you and want you to share your solutions and tips with me and other scrappers. This may be a question that I have had for awhile or it may be something that I have a solution to but want to dialogue about with others. Comments will be open until Monday night just before the next question is posted.

Today's question: Today's question is something that I have heard quite a bit of discussion about recently.  It's two-fold so let me hear what you have to say.  How do you keep up with blog hops that you have hopped through? How do you feel about having to go back and check the hops to see whether you won or not?



Heather said...

I am too busy to go back though the hop. If I comment, I always leave my email address in hopes that if I will some candy they will be considerate enough to send me an email.

BunnyFreak said...

I don't actually keep track of the blog hops I hopped through. I try to do the hop in one sitting and if not leave the blog I stopped on up in my browser. I would prefer not to have to be one who has to keep track if I won, but I do understand it makes it easier for the blogger. I generally add all the blogs from the hop to my google reader so it is easy for me to check by searching.

Lisha said...

In the beginning I loved blog hops but now it seems like a blog hop just have too many in the blog so I usually don't do them or I will only do the first couple ones. I am bad about going back to blogs to check I like the ones that have the email on their blog so when they do post it comes right to my email. I can't remember which one of the blogs that I had join gave the instructions on how to add the email subscribiton on your blog but I did it and I just love it and I wish everyone would add it to theirs.

Donna said...

I do leave my email address at any blog hops I go to, but I also check my Blogger Dashboard for any updates on Blogs I am following. Most put the word "Winner" in the title of their update, so they are easy to spot.

bcriminger said...

I typically don't do it if it is over 15 blogs (unless I have an abundance of time), I also leave my email and hope they will contact me, I only do about 1 a week.

Love to scrap Lyndra said...

Some of the blog hops are just too long. I enjoy looking at creations on the blogs. I follow many blogs via the google reader. The few times I have completed a blog hop, I was contacted by the blogger if I won.

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