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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tuesday Tips BU4U

Happy Tuesday! Welcome again to Tuesday TIPS BU4U(by you for you). Today is when I post a question to you and want you to share your solutions and tips with me and other scrappers. This may be a question that I have had for awhile or it may be something that I have a solution to but want to dialogue about with others. Comments will be open until Monday night just before the next question is posted.

Today's question: What is your best ribbon storage solution?  Links to examples are much appreciated.


Love to scrap Lyndra said...

I use boxes with dowels and it is very mobile which I like. I have seen some who have the rods and hang them on the wall.

Melissa said...

I bought a large plastic yarn container at Joanns. The yarn container has only one hole in the top that the yarn can be fed through...well I used my Cropodile to put lots more holes in it and then use jumbo sized eyelets to put in the holes. I have probably 30-35 rolls of ribbon inside being run out through the holes on top. I have two of these.

I think I might have posted a picture of this on my blog a lonnnnnngggg time ago. I will try to search for it and post a link here. It may have been the Cricut board though...


Lisha said...

My husband had built me a huge rack and I love it.

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