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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Mother's Day - Crazy About Cricut DT Project

Happy Thursday everyone!  This is your hostess Christel Bonner a.k.a. Scrappin' Sista coming to you live with a special feature in honor of Mother's Day.

Our challenge is to come up with something for Mother's Day.  I am honored to still have my mother here where I can touch and talk to her.  I thank God for that privilege. 

When I picked up my daughter yesterday after school, I walked into one of the best surprises that I had ever seen.  My daughter had made a hat at the Boys and Girls Club and they had a fashion show.  She yelled Happy Mother's Day as soon as I walked in the room.  You don't know how special that is when a child has battled autism all her life and you don't know some days which end is up.  Just the mere fact that God has blessed her to speak when all she used to do was yell is a blessing!  I'm so very thankful and this gift of just sharing her smile warmed my heart. 

Happy Mother's Day to all the beautiful mothers.  Even if you are not a mother by physical birth or adoption, thank you for being there to support mothers or stepping in when needed.  I know I appreciate you and wish only the blessings of the the Lord upon your lives. 

Be sure to hop on over to Crazy About Cricut and see the WONDERFUL project my DT sisters and their families have created.

Scrappy Hugs!


Tanya said...

How sweet!! I just LOVE the little things our kiddos do. Her lil hat id just adorable!!


Rock Girl Designs said...

Adorable! Anything personalized is a winner!

Rock your craft!

Amber said...

She is gorgeous with that fabulous hat she made! That smile tells how proud she is of her creation! Thank you so much for sharing your Mother's Day present with us!

Marie said...

Such lovely words. Thanks for sharing. Heart warming!
Love n hugs

Sandy said...

That is so great that she was so excited to share that with you. You must be so proud!

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