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Friday, June 24, 2011

Faith Blog Hop

Happy Friday and welcome to the Father's Love Faith Blog Hop. If you are following the hop you will have arrived here from the start which is My Paper Tree House, then you’re in the right place. If you want to follow along from the start then click to go back to the start. Lots of participants have giveaways along the journey and if you want to enter those please follow their individual requirements.

At the end of every month a group of bold women gather to give Glory to God with the talents He has given us in a very loud way... :) Our prayer is that through the projects we have created you will be able to see Him in all of His Glory! May He touch you today as we look at the theme of the the Father's Love Letter.

This is how the hop works:
Below you will find the list of the beautiful and brave women that are ready to show their weaknesses in order that you may see His strength. :) Follow the line-up and please leave some love throughout the way. Winners for the Grand Prizes will be select from those who follow and comment on all of the individual blogs.
Now, please allow yourself to cry, laugh, smile, along with any other emotion the Lord may bring your way. You will find that there are many prizes throughout the hop.

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Now let's get the hop started! :)

Here's the wonderful line-up.
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My Testimony:
I debated about sharing this but I feel that I should share a bit of what's been going on with me in hopes that you may be blessed.  This past month has been difficult for our family in several ways.  I had started working at through a temporary agency a while back and then was laid off for unknown reasons.  To this DAY, I have no idea why except that God wanted me in place to enjoy my family as I would not have been able to do so if I were working.  At the same time, we received an eviction notice a little before that period as our lease was up and the owners want to sell the house.

No job, no home, four children (one of whom battles autism and has been doing wonderfully this year) -- I was taken aback.  I KNOW my God shall supply all my needs according to His riches in glory.  And my God isn't broke.  I also have been battling some personal health issues that rear it's ugly head every now and then and stress doesn't make it better.

The clock was ticking and we had been looking for SEVERAL months for a home.  My wonderful in-loves offered to take the children for the month of June so we could do what we needed to do to move so that is a blessing!

While everyone was here for my son's graduation from the 8th grade, I got a call.  The company I worked for wanted me back. HUH??? I was so confused and honestly reluctantly accepted to go back. So, I'm working and we need to move. Uh oh! Who's going to try to find us a house.

My youngest and I had looked at a house a while back.  His name is Caleb.  While walking through the house he whispered to me, "This would be perfect for us." He's 6.  I told him, I'm not the one you need to tell but I didn't really say anything else and kinda shrugged it off.  He proceed to walk downstairs and straight up to the owner and tell him, "This would be the perfect house for our family." This completely shocked and embarrassed me a bit.  He is a outgoing child but very shy around strangers.  After a few exchanges, Caleb continued looking through the house. 

The next house we looked at was still in need of some repairs and the owner was fixing it up.  He said he'd be a week and we agreed to rent the house. That was over a week ago.  We had worked everything out and were ready to move in. Then the Holy Spirit promoted us to stop by. Oh boy! He hadn't really done anything. It was still in shambles and we had little time for him to get it together.  I feel apart then.  I really didn't like the house much but I knew that God would take care of me wherever I went.  So my husband gave him until the following Tuesday to call us. Of course, he moved too slow for this wife. God's working on me in that area.  When the guy called, my husband said he acted as though we hadn't talked at all, as though we weren't renting the house, and as though he didn't care. Well, my hubby was fired up.  He called the other guy for the house our little prophet spoke in and we're moving this weekend! The guy isn't making us jump through hoops.  He isn't prorating the rent and he is letting us move in early.  The house is in the school zone and that means my daughter will have the same assistant that helped her this year.  PRAISE THE LORD!!!

There is a wonderful book entitled Those Who Trust in the Lord Shall Not Be Disappointed  by Peggy Joyce Ruth. It is a must-read for building your faith.  I learned that not only will God not disappoint you if you trust in Him, he's not going to just give you something to pacify you.  He'll give you the desires of your heart and knock your socks off. There are promises for provision in His Word and we just have to tap into it and believe by faith that He's faithful to fulfill every tittle and morsel of word that He spoke.

I challenge you to live by faith.  Truly live by it.  Step out! If you have a plan B, that ain't faith.  If you see it, that ain't faith.  Stretch! I know I have and I'm all the better for it.  Thank you Jesus!

So, that's what I've been dealing with these last few months that have had me up and down and not in the creating/bloggy mood.  I had to focus and I apologize for not being able to share. 

For my project this month, I selected to feature this card that I made for my husband for Father's Day.  The theme of my card comes from the fact that my heavenly Father loves me so much that He provided a wonderful man to be the priest, prophet, and provider for our home.  No, everything is not a bed of roses but I know and trust my Heavenly Father who works in and through my hubby and so therefore I'm WELL taken care of.

Your next stop is Monique's Blog. Remember to leave a comment on this post if you want to be considered for one of the Grand Prizes. :)

I have a Bloom Dots Cuttlebug folder up for grabs.  All I need you to do is be sure to leave a comment on this post along with a way to contact you.  This time I'm going to leave it open to anyone to win.  I'd love if you became a friend (follower) but it's not required. I host monthly swaps and following my blog will get you in the "know" about when, where, and how.  It will take me awhile to get the prize to you as I am starting to move this weekend so please be patient. I will select a winner hopefully by next weekend but I can't make any promises.

Love in Christ,



girlia said...


Sarah said...

wonderful card! I hope your move goes smoothly!


Very nice card, i'm sure your husband loved it because it came from the heart!!
sierrababy08 at hotmail dot com

A Scrap Above said...

Congrats on finding a home, I have been so worried about you and your family..
You card is great, love the sentiments.
ascrapabove at aol com

Monique Barr said...

Thanks for sharing, I just love the card also

Pammejo said...

Love the card and am bless to hear of your faithfullness and just taking the time to listen to God's direction.

Lori said...

Such a wonderful post! I'm glad you shared,take care, everything always works out HE makes sure of that!
new follower!
Lori @

Jess B. said...

God has brought us together for a reason and a season. Our journey as friends has been greater than any other I've known. Your faith, testimony, and crativity has helped me to see how great the Almighty can be in my life (as small as a mustered seed). Purple is the color of Royalty! Need I say more? TFS
Jess B.

Doris P. said...

Not only is your card beautiful but strong! WOW! amazing you are still together and YES.. the Lord has his ways.. in his time... I am so to NOT have any patience and I must learn to never ask for them again.. lol I am glad all worked out. we have a 6yr old who has Autism.. he was given to us by God since he is our grandson..

Melissa said...

Very nice card, I do know what you mean by the faith walk, I have gone through a lot myself!! One of our preachers at our church said almost the same as you were saying, if you reach out into nothing and grab something, it comes into reality!

Thanks for the chance to win

mzcherub2009 at att dot net

Doris P. said...

i would love it if you had e-mail so I could follow you....

sorry I didn't add this to my last e-mail

Theresa said...

It's beautiful that despite all you have been going through your faith and spirit have remained strong. After reading your post, I'm so touched to see how everything worked out for you and your family. Your husband must have felt so blessed when he saw your beautiful project. Thank you for sharing.

Charlotte Cornett said...

First of all Thank you for sharing with us, that is my biggest struggle right now is trusting God. I have been unemployed since 12-08 and times have gotten harder as the months go by. I have wrote down the name of the book you suggested and I am hoping our local library has it. Thanks for sharing your beautiful card with us. Charlotte

vick6740 said...

God is so kind..Your story is right God gets us through everything...Thanks for sharing and may your family always be blessed and always believe God will help us through!!

BunnyFreak said...

Glad to hear how God worked things out.

Lynne said...

Beautiful card with a beautiful sentiment Christel. God Bless you for all of your hard work to help with Faith Blog Hop's journey during Nana's time of need. Bless you both for inspiring the creativity in us all!
Lynne Kirsch
Her Craftiness

Anita Braddock said...

love your card thanks for sharing. I can so feel the faith.
Anita braddock

Wendy Swenne said...

Lovely card!

God bless,


Crafti (Rachelle) said...

Lovely card! Congrats on finding a home.
Thanks for sharing your Testimony.
I am a new follower.
Rachelle Crafti)

Jessica said...

Christel, thanks for your kind words at my blog. I love your card and that rosette is so pretty. Already a follower!

joydee1963 said...

Thanks for sharing your story,I already a follower,I love your card,joydee1963 at yahoo dot com

Tanya said...

Christel.. Your faith is so strong and things will work out. Your card is GORGEOUS and the rosettes.. AMAZING!!! Great job my friend!!


Vicki said...

I stopped by yesterday and really enjoyed your card. Cards for men always give me trouble

Jamie said...

Very nice card and what a great story! Thanks for sharing.


abusybee - DoubleClick Connections said...

Thanks for sharing your amazing story, it really makes you stop and appreciate! Prayers and thoughts are with you and your family!

Carolyn Phillips said...

Our God is so faithful. Thank you for sharing and I love the card.

Scrap y algo más said...

No me he atrevido a escribirte en inglês. Me ha encantado tu testimonio. Realmente es una bendición vivir por fé, pues es cuando estamos totalmente en las manos de nuestro Dios y sabemos que El tiene lo mejor preparado para nosotros mismo que no comprendamos bien cuando nos pasam situaciones complicadas.
Que el Señor te siga bendeciendo a ti y a tu familia.
Mi marido, yo y nuestros dos hijos somos misioneros en España (somos brasileños) y aqui vivimos cada dia por fé.


Lisa's Memory Parlor said...

Christel God is mighty and when you lean on him, all things are possible. Your love and faith in him will carry you through anything. Thank you for sharing and may God continue to bless you and your family.

Lisa's Memory Parlor said...

Prayers and hugs and Glory be to God for keeping the faith alive in you and your family..with him...nothing is impossible!
lisa_williamson 2004@yahoo. com

Anita said...

I love your card.Thank you for sharing your testimony.
Hugs, Anita

Anonymous said...

oh Christel you know you have a place in my heart., you are the most wonderful woman... I am sooooooo blessed to have you as a part of my life. I love our little talks and know I am always here for youl

Scrappymama Elaine said...

Christel, thanks for sharing your journey! I remember praying for you earlier this month about the need for a place. God is amazing and does things above and beyond our deepest desires! Praise God for the place you have found! thanks for glorifying God in this situation!
esigmon at cox dot net

Anonymous said...

Christel....girl what an awesome testimony of faith!!! AMEN!!!

Becky Dunham said...

Oh Christel - i am so glad things are working out! As i was reading, I was thinking "God won't give us more than we can handle" but i am not sure i would have handled all of that as well as you have :) Your card is beautiful! I will be praying that things go smoothly with your new job and your move :) God Bless!

rebeccadunham at hotmail dot com

Scrappy Zeni said...

Christel, what a wonderful testimony of faith! I am so glad that I found a group of ladies that can lift me up just when I need it. Great job on the card, the rosette is beautiful! Love you sis!

Nana Campana said...

I am sooo happy to know the Lord has once again provided! :) He indeed is a faithful God and I pray that He would continue to fill you with His Faith.. :) Love you christel! :)

Teela said...

Your story sounds familiar, as mine is very much like yours: poor health, another move, etc. I've got fibromyalgia and some days, I have to tell myself, MOVE right foot, left foot. Thanks fo sharing. TeelaYoung at hotmail dot com PS. we're still looking for a house!

Teela said...

Similiar story as me: hurting all the time (too many ailments to list, but praise the Lord, I can still walk) and we're moving AGAIN. And really need a house before the first of August. Thanks for sharing. God bless you!
TeelaYoung at hotmail dot com

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