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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Link up Love Party With K. Andrew

**DISCLAIMER: I know! I know! I've been M.I.A. but for good reasons.  I will be back with a posting this weekend and in the month of July officially.  Things have been upside down but I know that all things work together for my good.  To those of you who have written me, please don't think that I have ignored you.  I've been just that busy. Many hugs to you and I'll be in touch soon.**

I want to share a creative way that K. Andrew of Getting Cricky with K. Andrew has organized for us crafty folks to get to know one another.  It's a way to meet new people and get some inspiration.

Be sure to check her out at Getting Cricky.

We are to share one of our favorite projects with you.  You may not know this, but I love to create diaper cakes.  This is completely made of diapers.  I love making them and hope you enjoy my creation. 

I am very grateful that God has placed people in my life that are willing to stop what they are doing and pray for and with me. The last few months have been quite difficult, but He knows and sees WAY in the future and has blessed me with some great people all along this journey to help me make it.  For that, I'm so very thankful!

Well...until next time (this weekend), be blessed!



Anonymous said...

oh wow this is sooo pretty. I love it.

My 3 E Scrapbooking said...

This diaper cake is beautiful Christel! The bow with the flower set it off! I also enjoy making diaper cakes. It just seems like the cutest and most pratical gift you can give a mom-to-be or new momma! I'm sorry you have been going through some difficult times and I'll keep you in my prayers. I hope to see some more of your creations soon (but when the time is right for you)!
fellow Thankful Thurs teammate

Dina said...

Hi! Jus stopping by from the LULP! I am already a follower! I love your project,and your blog is so fun! Hugs! Dina


Thanks for sharing!! Praying for you and what ever is going on in your life!! Right know I am going through stuff as well and my mom has a plaque on the wall that says "If God brings you to it he will bring you through it BELIEVE" Hugs
sierrababy08 at hotmail dot com

scrapperbecka said...

WOW Christel
That is a beautiful diaper cake. I love the colors on the ribbon you used. Great job!
Getting Cricky DTM

DIANA L. said...

I love This idea-- It really looked like a cake!! said...

Such a cute project:)

Amy said...

Great diaper cake! Love the polka dots! I am linking up from LULP, and am now a new follower! Great Blog and good to meet you! :)Amy

Lisa said...

This diaper cake is so absolutely adorable!! I love it! Just stopping by from K Andrew's Link Up Love Party...I'm already a follower :)

MyCuriousCrafts said...

Popping in to share the love from LULP w/ K Andrew. I'll be back soon though. ~ Shen

Leanne said...

Already following you. This is a great gift for a newborn. Love the idea.

Donya/Okscrappinmama said...

It is so nice to see diaper cakes. I had never heard of them till I was pg with my little guy in 2008. A friend made it for me and I thought it was the coolest thing ever! :) I have so many pics of it in the scrapbook.
Great job on that and keep up the creativity, great blog too!!
I'm a new follower from K. Andrews.


Anonymous said...

Hi Christel! I am here from the Ms K's LULP. I love your diaper cake and the colors you chose for it...just BEAUTIFUL.

Happy Craftin'!

A Creative Journey said...

ADORABLE and I love the colors you used! TYFS :)
Have a wonderful day!

Amy said...

Hi, Christel!! :)

I am just in awe of your diaper cake -- I think these are the COOLEST thing!! I'm glad to hear that we'll be seeing more from ya!! You're in my thoughts :)

Thanks so much for sharing your talent and your blog in the Link Up Love Party with K Andrew!!

Amy :) at
(PS, today, I realized that your blog was off of my 'follow' list - maybe when blogger hiccuped last month, it bumped me? Good thing I bookmarked ya long ago!! Anyway, I fixed it now and I'm an 'official' follower again!! hee hee)

Annette_Marlow said...

That diaper cake is the prettiest I have EVER seen! So elegant and full of love, I love it! I have to say I love your header too, your cricket, glue, paper, scissors and ribbon... but most of all... YOUR BOXING GLOVES!! I love it, you're ready to tackle anything and everything with God as your coach! Thank you for sharing with Link Up Love Party With K. Andrew, your blog has truly brought a smile to my face! Definitely following you!

Amy said...

Hi Christie! I have seen diaper cakes before, but yours actually looks like a real cake! I love your blog, and I am a new follower! :)

felkatz said...

nice diaper cake! love the colors on this.

THanks for joining us at LULP with Getting Cricky.


ccoffey said...

Such a cute diaper cake! Thanks for sharing!


Jessica said...

I love the blue and brown ribbon and most of all the lily in the center. Great Job!
Stopped over from Getting Cricky Link Up party.

Kelly S said...

Great job on the diaper cake! They are always so fun to have at baby showers. I am a new follower, stopping by from the LULP. I would love it if you stop by my blog as well.


Tamika said...

Hi I have just found your blog and I see we have something in common.I love your diaper cake, it is beautiful and I love doing diaper cakes myself. If you get a chance to visit I have a few posted on my blog. I am definitely going to be a follower to stay in touch.

Naomi said...

What an incredible idea and beautiful job!!! I have to try this sometime... so sorry to hear things have been rough for you, I will include you in my prayers, God never gives us anymore than we can bare although it may feel the opposite at times...
I am already a follower but just giving love while participating in the LLUP with K Andrew.
Keep the faith girl

I would love when you have time to come and visit me!!

Pam said...

This diaper cake is so cute, I would love to know how to do them. I found you from the LULP. I'm glad I did. I am a new follower, more important I will pray for Father God to meet your needs whatever they may be. My husband and I pray together every nite at 6PM (pacific time) for our country and for family and friends, we will pray for you too. Hugs and be blessed Christel, Pam at (you got Jesus right in your name, cool)

Dr Sonia S V said...

Such a lovely creation. Dropped in from the LULP

Bunny Vance said...

So nice! Love your colors. I will keep you in my prayers!
Thanks for sharing!

Jeanette said...

Stopping by from your diaper cake, I thought it was a hat!! it's beautiful! and yes, when we have faith, God leads us! I'm so a believer that He never gives us more than we can handle. I know I have felt his blessing in my darkest moments. well, I'm looking forward to becoming a follower and seeing more of your creations!!


Sonia said...

A very cute cake!

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